Wednesday, 16 December 2020

Magick has not disappeared

Magick didn't disappear from the earth

Somewhere down the line, somewhere in our history we became disconnected, we lost our way

At some point in our past we forgot that everything is connected

We startes to think that we were the masters.
everything was ours for the taking,

Everything on and in the earth was ours
the world was ours to conquer.

At some point in our past we stopped taking only what we needed
And started taking what we wanted
And we took, and we took it all
we wanted it and want it all.

Now we live in a disconnected, disjointed and broken world as a consequence for our actions

Honour has disappeared
Along with our connection to the planet, it's Gods, Goddesses our ancestors, the spirits of the land and our values.

We are becoming more and more distant, not only from the planet but from eachother.

We work, go home and switch on our TVs, computers and gaming consoles

We plug ourselves into the grid.
and we sit and watch and disconnect even more from a world we have created.

Seeking escape in media and multi media.

Trapped in a mindset that things matter.
I need that... Thing

Health related issues are rising just as fast as mental health issues.

It's 2020
The year the Earth hit back
And we felt it.
Boy did it hit us hard

Now We live in a disjointed and shattered world.

Yet.. Somewhere, deep inside of each of us, a switch is being flicked.

That part of our DNA which was once our ancestors,

That part, which is in each of us has been turned on

More and more people are once again turning to the old ways, the forgotten ways.

Seeking to reconnect with the old gods, with nature, the spirits and our ancestors.

The entire earth is filled with magick.
If we just took the time to relearn the ways of our ancestors we would know that we are one and the same.

But, it is not enough to connect with nature and her spirits, we must learn to live with and within her.
Outside of the social confines of need and wanting.

Welcome to the Norse Way
my name is Jim

I am documenting my journey as I relearn the ways of my ancestors.

I would love it if you would join me.

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